LDS 513 Transformational Servant Leadership

Faculty: C. Anthony Hunt, Ph.D., E. Franklin Frazier Professor of African American Studies (Profile)


Robert Greenleaf noted that the servant-leader is servant first. His or her desire to lead comes from a desire to serve, and is manifested in the care s/he takes in ensuring that others grow into greater freedom, wisdom, health, and empowered leadership. Transformational leadership invites the leader to engage in a process of service that lifts leader and those they serve to a higher level of being and acting that are the bases for personal conversion and social transformation. Both nurture the seeds of a vision that leaders and our society not only long for, but can realize.

Each week, you’ll read essays from various thought leaders and practitioners in the field of transformational and servant leadership practices. You’ll then have an opportunity to reflect on how these can inform and inspire your own leadership practice by writing a 500 – 750 word essay each week. The tutorial concludes with a 3000 word paper synthesizing course ideas with your personal experience as servant leader.


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