Interfaith Issues and Pope Francis: Voice of America Interview with Dr. Omar Shahin

The Graduate Theological Foundation’s Director of Islamic Studies, Dr. Omar Shahin, was interviewed by the globally recognized news outlet, Voice of America, last week following the election of Pope Francis.  Voice of America reporter, Jerome Socolovsky, spoke with Dr. Shahin and others about the interfaith implications of the Catholic Church having a new pope.

In the interview, Dr. Shahin stated, “Now is the time to communicate with them [the Catholic Church] again in order to reopen this dialogue and build more bridges between the Christian and the Muslim communities.”

Watch the entire Voice of America video interview with Dr. Shahin by clicking here.

Dr. Omar Shahin is Director of Islamic Studies, Fellow, and Ibn Taymiyya Professor of Islamic Law at the Graduate Theological Foundation.  Learn more about Dr. Shahin by visiting his faculty profile.

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