Master of Theology in Islamic Studies


This degree is designed for already credentialed and practicing ministry professionals (lay, religious, ordained) who wish to foster self-improvement and motivation in the pursuit of theological education as an end in itself or in preparation for doctoral studies. With a specialized focus upon a specific theological agenda, the M.Th. in Islamic Studies is ideally suited to the ministry professional who desires to update previous ministry training with particular attention to theological refinement. The graduate-level coursework required for this program is coupled with the writing of the Master of Theology thesis. The written work may be completed in English or Arabic. Graduate Theological Foundation students in Islamic Studies are welcomed to participate in the Life of the Oxford Centre of Islamic Studies in worship, fellowship, and study.
This degree is a 39 credit program that may be completed in no less than twelve months and no more than four years.

To download an application form, click here (pdf) 

 Admission Requirements

  1. Baccalaureate degree or equivalent validated by a transcript.
  2. Five years of accumulated experience in ministry within the Muslim community.
  3. Completion of the Application Procedure, which includes two letters of recommendation.
Program Requirements

  1. Students are expected to thoroughly familiarize themselves with the Student Handbook of the year of their acceptance with a particular focus on their particular degree program.  Students are bound by the academic and financial requirements of the Handbook in use at the time of their acceptance.  The current Student Handbook, as well as past years’ Handbooks, can be viewed here. 
  2. A total of 12 courses (36 credit hours) are required for graduation.  GTF will accept as transfer credit up to 8 courses taken at any recognized school in the same field with the approval of the head of the department, Dr. Omar Shahin.
  1. Completion of a Master’s Thesis (6 credits) of 35,000-40,000 words (140-160 pages) and submission of one electronic or hard copy, by March 1 of the intended year of graduation.
  2. Attendance at the Convocation/Graduation. (Non-US residents are exempt from this requirement.)
Curriculum and Course Description

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